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  • SURFACES: Aircraft Design Software

    SURFACES is the ultimate tool for anyone designing aircraft. Whether a professional aerospace engineer, student or a designer of homebuilt aircraft, SURFACES is not just user friendly, it provides you with extremely powerful CFD features to help design your aircraft.  Surfaces is the only true computational fluid dynamics software to offer quick, reliable answers to all the “What If’s”in design.
  • Embry-Riddle University - User of Surfaces

    One of the world leaders in Aerospace Engineering Education has adopted our products for use in their classrooms and design projects.  Is your educational institution using our product too? Let us know!
  • In-Flight Simulation Now Available!

    Flight Level Engineering is pleased to offer courses utilizing our Variable Stability Aircraft! Please visit for more details.

    Now you can!  Surfaces has just added a new feature called the “FlightGear Exporter”.  Just as the name implies, it will allow you to export the data from your Surfaces model to FlightGear and immediately start flying your aircraft.  Now with Surfaces, you can easily take your 3-view drawing through CFD analysis and now on to flight testing!  For more information on downloading FlightGear for free.  Please visit
  • Introducing: Our new ProAdvice Series

    Flight Level Engineering is pleased to promote “General Aviation Aircraft Design: Applied Methods and Procedures”.  Some samples from this amazing book can be found in our ProAdvice series. Please visit to purchase.

    ProAdvice1 - TAIL ARM OPTIMIZATION (PDF) - 1 Mb

    ProAdvice2 - THE WING PLANFORM (PDF) - 0.7Mb

    ProAdvice3 - AILERON SIZING (PDF) - 1.1 Mb

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